John Nickels- President & CEO

As the President & CEO of Deaton Enterprises, LLC, my job varies on a daily basis.  Currently Deaton Enterprises focuses primarily in investment management, software development, and hosted IT communication services.

The company was officially established in January of 2011, although my business background, drive, and entrepreneurial passion started far earlier.  Following in the tradition of hard working, loyal, and patient investors has positioned me to where I am today.

Prior to forming Deaton Enterprises, I was employed in the great state of Colorado at an emerging cellular recycling company focusing on accessory business development partnering with Metro PCS.  More recently I worked for a local start up medical software company in Lexington.

Deaton Enterprises Investment Management

Deaton Enterprises currently manages over a quarter million dollars in real estate.  We focus primarily on foreclosure properties in Lexington and surrounding markets.  DE specializes in both property management and quick turnovers, aka “flips”.  We are currently seeking investors in our property division, and can guarantee a secured ROI.  Please contact us for further detail.

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