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[jed_accordion_item title=”Who is Deaton?”]

His name is John. He lives in Lexington, KY.  Deaton is his middle name.


[jed_accordion_item title=”How did he make this AWESOME website?”]

He used a program called wordpress.  He can make you one too, for next to nothing! I’m talking super cheap especially for you!


[jed_accordion_item title=”How did he learn about investing in Real Estate?”]

He learned through the theory of trial by fire.  But in all honestly, still learning everyday and am surrounded by very smart people.  Also runs in the family a bit.


[jed_accordion_item title=”What does he like to do outside of work?”]

Everything.  Lets see, hang out with friends, watch sports, Netflix DVD version psycho, vacation, outdoor things I guess.


[jed_accordion_item title=”Can I meet Deaton sometime?”]

Of course! Call me lets hang out sometime.


[jed_accordion_item title=”Is he as good looking in person?”]






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